Mare Nigrum – the largest marine research vessel in the Black Sea

The sampling equipment is prepared for the launch
GeoEcoMar biologists investigating marine ecosystems

Underwater biological sampling
Mare Nigrum is GeoEcoMar’s main platform for scientific research in the Black Sea

Sampling bottom sediments with the gravitational corer
The marine biology team analysing the quality and quantity of biological samples

Microscopic observation of faunal associations
The Romanian shore of the Black Sea is under continuous transformation

Loess bluff from the area 2 Mai - Vama Veche
Working on the deck of Mare Nigrum research vessel

Preparing the gravitational core for the launch
GeoECoMar team investigating the processes at the water-sediment interface

For these studies, the multi-corer is the main sampling equipment
The Gravimetry – Magnetometry Group measuring and analysing geophysical fields

The magnetometric maps highlight any anomalies that may occur. In this case, the wreck of the M-34 submarine. În acest caz, epava submarinului M-34
The Danube Delta is a true “natural laboratory” for the geological and geo-ecological research

Anthropogenic pressures and global climate change are affecting aquatic ecosystems
Electrometric investigations provide data on the earth’s subsoil

Electrometrul INT EL V3

The National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar


GeoEcoMar headquarters in Bucharest coordinates the scientific and administrative activity of the entire Institute. The scientific activity is focused on the following fields: geological and geophysical studies within the Danube – Danube Delta – Black Sea macro-geosystem; complex studies in the coastal area of the Black Sea; geology – palaeontology, protected natural areas; environmental impact studies and assessments; specialized services and consultancy.


The Constanța Branch coordinates the activity of the National Centre for Monitoring – Alarming to Marine Natural Hazards and other scientific activities in the following fields: natural, mineral, energetic (conventional and unconventional) and biological resources; geochemistry, oceanography and marine ecology.

The National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar is an institution of national interest, with a wide international openness, whose objectives are:

  • Building knowledge – by obtaining scientific results of reference
  • Increasing national economic competitiveness – through knowledge transfer to the economy
  • Increasing the benefits brought to society, or increasing social quality.

GeoEcoMar pursues the scientific performance that materializes through scientific results of excellence. These results, lead to the private fundraising for research, to the expansion of international cooperation and increasing the role of science in society.

The addressed scientific fields include geological, geophysical and geoecological aspects of the river-sea systems in general and of the Danube-Danube Delta-Black Sea macrosystem in particular.

Aiming to address issues of interest related to scientific research in Earth and Life Sciences and the application of its results, GeoEcoMar is open to opportunities for collaboration and partnership with a wide range of interested organizations – research institutes, universities, local and regional administrations, NGOs.

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