Research Register

The Record of The Results of the Research – Development Activities

In accordance with the provisions of Order no. 3845/06.05.2009 regarding the Results of the Research- Development Activity Register, for each research – development project, after the approval of the final activity report,The Record of The Results of the Research – Development Activities is drawn up.

The Director / Project Manager has the responsibility to fill in the data requested in Table no. 1 and Table no. 2 of the Record Sheet, following the instructions in the form. Both documents will be handed over to The Research, Development and Innovation Department, respecting the provisions of Art. 8 of the Order, as follows:

  • Table no. 1 is submitted within 30 days from the approval of the final activity report of the research – development project.
  • Table no. 2 will be submitted within 10 days from the date of completion of the activities for valorisation of the research results and it will be updated for each valorisation activity.

According to Art. 2 of the Order, the results of the research-development activities refer to:

  1. Documentation, studies, works, plans, schemes and other similar.
  2. Patents, certificates of registration of industrial designs and models and other similar.
  3. Technologies, procedures, computer products, recipes, formulas, methods and other similar.
  4. Physical objectives and products achieved during the contract.

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