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RADIO ROMÂNIA ATUALITĂȚI – Interview with Adrian Stănică, General Director of GeoEcoMar: The Black Sea is „still unknown to most of those who live in its vicinity”


GeoEcoMar organizes the conference DOORS Stakeholder Conference: Black Sea Futures: Science, Prosperity, and People.

The event will offer a unique forum to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities in the sustainable blue economy sectors, the development of the Digital Twin Ocean, training and capacity enhancement in the Black Sea, Ocean Literacy, and science-policy interface.

In an interview for Radio România Actualități, the General Director says that the Black Sea was very close to a gloomy scenario in which it could have become the first major sea devoid of life. However, the historical hazard and the Black Sea, as we know it, have passed over this difficult moment – but the threats against it have not disappeared. That is why, says Adrian Stănică, it is important that people are trained so that they do not end up in similar crisis situations.




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