The International Center for Advanced Studies on River –Delta – Sea Systems DANUBIUS-RI is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure supporting interdisciplinary research on large river-sea systems.

DANUBIUS-RI will fill the gap of fragmented research on European research on river-sea systems, drawing on existing research excellence across Europe, enhancing the impact of European research while maximizing the return on investment. It will provide access to a range of European river-sea systems, facilities and expertise; a ‘one-stop shop’ for knowledge exchange in managing river-sea systems; access to harmonized data; and a platform for interdisciplinary research, inspiration, education and training.

DANUBIUS-RI will offer a source-to-sea perspective to resolve problems arising from human impacts on River-Sea-Systems.


The DANUBIUS-RI Preparatory Phase (DANUBIUS-PP) has developed the structures and processes to ensure that DANUBIUS-RI can deliver an integrated understanding of the functioning of RS systems and address the key societal challenges associated with, and opportunities of, RS systems.


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